TRIBAL SEEDS introduce a collection of new and classic songs with their brand-new album “Live: The 2020 Sessions”

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If you enjoy the work of influential artists, the likes of The Menahan Street Band, Peter Tosh, The Specials, Matisyahu, Bob Marley, Scientist, or Big Mean Sound Machine, this new release will certainly be one to add to your heavy rotation! You are certainly going to be able to connect with TRIBAL SEEDS’ amazing attitude and intuitive songwriting.

Some artists seem to pigeonhole themselves in a single category, but in this case, TRIBAL SEEDS managed to really bring home a diverse and forward-thinking sound that has a very distinctive spirit. From conception to fruition, this release really hits the mark, and it certainly highlights the band’s exciting identity. We are certainly gonna stay tuned and look forward to checking out what the future holds in store for TRIBAL SEEDS, who is always furthering their amazing reputation and their status as an excellent live and studio band.

TRIBAL SEEDS is a master at channeling a wide variety of musical influences, but in such a way, the sound never feels like a trite re-composition of some other band’s music, but rather something quite original, as a labor of love and passion for the music itself. Even though we’re starting to head deep into winter, TRIBAL SEEDS brings a vivid and invigorating taste of summer with their new project. This is the kind of music that might remind the audience of greener and sunnier days, and it will undoubtedly make them long for light, friends, and fresh air — a much-needed change of pace. TRIBAL SEEDS gives the listener just what they need, a break from the chaotic energy of the world right now, with an exotic escape to their vibrant sonic world.

Find out more about TRIBAL SEEDS and do not miss out on the band’s most recent releases, activities, and events:

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