Meet Ubah Kadiè the world first female football Agent

Meet Ubah Kadiè, Influencer, Football Agent and head of GlobalKedieAgency

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Ubah Kadiè

What makes you different from other influencers and football agents?

As an influencer, I’m showing all the young girls in the world that you can break barriers in the most male-dominated industry and still be yourself. Unlike other football agents, I’m not so private with my life, I’m a very open person while showing my love for fashion and putting myself out there on my Instagram and YouTube channel I’m always sharing my life with my followers.

Where are you from and based?

I’m a Somali Swede and I’m currently based in Sweden.

How did you first get into the Football industry?

Football has always been a part of my life, I used to play football as a child. Everyone in my family plays football, I’m brought up in a football family where everything we were usually focused on was that.

How do you balance football and fashion?

It goes hand in hand to be honest. I love fashion because I can express myself and that’s really important to me, plus my audience is interested in both football and fashion. The main thing I show on my Instagram is of course fashion.

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Ubah Kadiè

Do you see yourself as the typical football agent?

The typical football agents are mostly very private men in suits. I’m a female and I’m also an influencer. I believe that as long as you’re passionate, honest and work hard nothing should stand in the way of you trying to achieve your goals.

What does a typical day in your week look like?

Well, it’s a lot of scouting, I always have to keep my eyes open for new talent. And also having meetings with my clients and different clubs.

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