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As sneakerheads, we know it only too well. Our fellow citizens who could not care less about sneakers do not always understand our passion for this particular kind of shoes. Family and friends often wonder why we collect cabinets or even rooms full of sneakers, claiming that “you only have two feet, why do you need a hundred pairs?”. Of course, they completely miss the point. Their objection is as pointless as explaining to a stamp collector that we are living in an era of e-mailing and whatsapping, “so what do you need all these stamps for when nobody writes letters anymore?”. Collecting rare or beautiful objects is as old as mankind and sneaker enthusiasts simply happen to like buying, wearing and collecting comfy kicks.

Solezilla’s shrewd sneaker scientists

Through the years many sneaker lovers found out the hard way how easy it is to get lost in the online maze of vendors, shops and department stores that all sell zillions of sneakers but not the pair that you are looking for. Going through webshop after webshop one can hardly suppress feelings of utter despair and disappointment. Is all hope lost for us? No! Do not despair, dear reader. Solezilla’s sneaker-crazy scientists (sneakerologists, is that a word?) one day put their brilliant heads together and came up with a great plan. In their mind-boggling wisdom, they found that something was seriously missing in the universe: a search engine for sneakers. To save the world they locked themselves up in a computer lab and built the best search engine mankind has ever seen:, the sneaker search engine. It does not only help you find your favourite pair of sneakers, but also shows you the best deals from more than 60 international webshops. Check out this great website now!

Social Sneaking

Visit Solezilla and meet your fellow sneaker lovers. Browse through the latest models, read news about all the top brands and see the incredibly low prices. Beat the competition and chase after a really rare pair of sneakers. It is also great fun to discuss your latest Solezilla purchase on social media. There are many Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat groups where collectors discuss the latest sneaker news. These social media groups have often striking names such as ‘The Snappy Sneakerheads’, ‘Streakers With Sneakers’ and the women-only group ‘Chicks With Kicks’. As you can see social media is sneaker-friendly, so do join a group and tell them all about Solezilla, the best sneaker search engine on the planet.

Solezilla still growing

Solezilla is already one of the largest sneaker search engines in the world and it is still growing. By the end of this year, the site expects to have over 120 shops connected, with a whopping 120,000 sneakers just a few mouse clicks away. Solezilla gets updated on a daily basis, so remember to check in regularly and do not miss the latest top deals from the best international sneaker shops!

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