Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Inspires the World

Pastor Chris, who was born as Chris Oyakhilome, is a pastor, spiritual leader, author and entrepreneur. He is from Edo, Nigeria and is a pastor of the Christian faith. He created the “Believers’ Loveworld Inc which is better known as the “Christ Embassy”. His ministry extends in multiple ways with television programs, community programs and books. His healing school involves him using his healing powers to help people across the world and restoring them to their sound minds through the powers of Jesus Christ. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is an established publisher, who has published multiple books including titles like Gates of Zion (1998), Holy Spirit and You (2005) and his most recent The Power of Your Mind: Walk in Divine Excellence (2016). But he is most famous for Rhapsody of Realties, which sold over half a billion copies around the world. Among his other accomplishments, he started in 2003, developing 24-hour satellite networks. He started with his first one in Africa that reached the rest of the world. Now he has Love World satellite networks in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria and the UK. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also has a television program called “Atmosphere for Miracles”, the runs on network programs in Asia, USA, Europe and behind. Over a million views has watched his network and his program worldwide.

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Other than information about his ministry and programs, Chris Oyakhilome seems to keep his personal life completely secretive and separate. He has his birthday listed as December 7, 1961 which put him at 56 years of age. But nothing is known about his childhood or anything until he started preaching and releasing books. Only personal information that has been released about Chris Oyakhilome is that he married Anita Ebhodaghe with whom he has two children with. Unfortunately, they were divorced and decided to split custody of their two children.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is scheduled to attended a spiritual event in Zimbabwe where locals have been anticipating his arriving. Around 100,000 people were said to already registered to attend the Worship and Communion Miracle Services with other unregistered people expected to arrive. The venue itself holds around 60,000 people, so there have already been seven over flow areas set up. With the days leading up to this event locals have been coming to the venue praying for the success of the event which were led by the local pastor Ruth Musarurwa.

The Pastor Chris protégé, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan, came a couple of days before the event in Zimbabwe to see the progress of the venue and left reports with inspiring words about the event to come. Reverend Tom Amenkhienan explained that the Pastor was coming to deliver a message to the people of Zimbabwe to let them know it’s their time. He mentioned that during this program the Pastor will bring the word accompanied by the power of the holy spirit that will touch the nation and everyone in it. Reverend Tom Amenkhienan and Evangelist Eddy Owase are second in command and both play important roles in spreading worldwide spiritual connections.

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