OSHO Glimpse: A Complete Osho Experience

Osho Glimpse is a unique presentation of Osho books, digital audio recordings, and CDs including Osho meditation techniques.

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Osho Glimpse, worli

OSHO works are available in all media: audio, video and text, both in print and digital formats. His extemporaneous talks and enlightened insights are helping millions around the world to understand and transcend their minds as an essential step in creating a new vision of life for humanity. Osho is clear in order to make that vision a reality, modern man will need to make meditation the essence of his lifestyle. For that, he has devised hundreds of methods that anyone, anywhere can easily embrace.

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Subhash Ghai inaugurating Osho Glimpse

In view of this, Osho International Foundation has supported the creation of beautiful small “OSHO Glimpse” centers across India. OSHO Glimpse is a new approach to making Osho available in as many ways as possible: the OSHO Talks in print and digital formats and most importantly, his meditations.

This is an effort of implementing Osho’s understanding of the importance of “meditation in the marketplace.” A perfect solution for the busy people of today. OSHO Glimpse is a brand name that includes the mark OSHO and the trademark OSHO Active Meditations. There are twenty-two OSHO Glimpse centers around India where people can buy Osho’s works and can also participate in the meditations at the center.

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Pandit Ronu majumdar playing Flute at the Glimpse

Osho Glimpse centers are located in: Jullundhar (Punjab), Amritsar (Punjab), Gharonda (Haryana), Rohtak (Haryana), Narela (Delhi), Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Porbandar (Gujarat), Varanasi (UP), Kochin (Kerala), Kodaikanal (Tamilnadu), Aligarh (UP), Indore (MP), Bhopal (MP), Chennai and Mumbai.

The Mumbai OSHO Glimpse is a compact bookshop in Worli that has been started recently to make Osho available to the people of Mumbai. Osho meditations are offered every Thursday from 5pm to 7pm. And the books audiobooks, and videorecordings can be purchased from Monday to Saturday between 10.30am and 6.30pm.

Once in two months, a music meditation is offered by accomplished musicians who also love to read Osho. It is an unusual experiment of bringing meditation into the marketplace. People listening to the music completely forget that they are at the hub of the market. The traffic goes full swing on the road outside without disturbing the meditators’ silence inside.

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Shobhit Desai’s poetry recital , 26th August

This OSHO Glimpse was inaugurated by celebrated film director, actor and writer, Subhash Ghai, on 12th November 2017. He is an avid reader of Osho and gives credit to Osho for showing him the path to living life meditatively and creatively. Osho insights are reflected in his films like “Taal” and other productions.

Osho gives tremendous importance to music and creative arts as they are born out of meditation. He says that they can give an experience of their source, which is meditation.

Osho says, “The ancient-most sources about music say one thing definitively, and that is that it has been born out of meditation. People who went deep into meditation enjoyed the silence of it, loved the peace that seems to be unfathomable. They wanted to convey that you are far more than you think you are, far bigger than you think you are. You are as big as the whole universe — but how to say it? Words are very poor philosophical concepts — almost like beggars.

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Visitors enjoying Glimpse Bookshop

The ancient meditators tried to find some way to convey their peace, their silence, their joy, and those were the people who discovered music. Music is a by-product of meditation.”

Satyam Shivam Sundaram — Truth Godliness Beauty, Chapter 22.

True to this message the Worli center invites musicians once in two months to play meditative music or recite poems. The famous flutist Pandit Ronu Majumdar and Indian Idol runner-up Rahul Mukherjee have come to perform here. In the month of July, Hindi poets, Ashkaran Atal, Shobhit Desai, and Mahendra Dube delighted the audience with their humorous poems. On the 26th of August Shobhit Desai, the well-known Gujarati poet, is coming to render his poems in Gujarati and Hindi.

Come and have the unusual experience of meditating in the marketplace.

Address: Osho Glimpse

Ready Money Terrace

167, Dr. Anie Besant Street

Worli, Mumbai

Tel: 98200 65123

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