New York Artist Fadetheblackk Going Viral With His New Single “Systematic”

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New York rapper, songwriter, and engineer. Fadetheblackk is making a statement in the hip-hop industry. His current unique sound along with an array of catchy hooks that will have you playing his tracks on constant repeat. Fadetheblackk is constantly working on new ventures, whether it’s writing and recording other artists new songs, or even down to managing his own music process.

Currently, he remains an indie artist in the music industry; he had the opportunity to work with powerhouse Warner Music Group Indie platform Level through them he released his project for “Vision,” the tracks coming from Fadetheblackk are inspiring and masterfully thought out. His track “Systematic” features a

high-pitched vocal sapling and crafting the core of the drums around it, the hanging production feels truly chilling, a feeling one often gets when listening to Fadetheblackk.

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He captures the vibe of his true emotions and allows the listener to feel and interpret his music for themselves. In this track, Fadetheblackk speaks about everyday society.

We find that Most of the Fadetheblackk tracks are inspired by the obstacles and the trails and tribulations of life, but this artist is also inspired by his pass. Coming from NYC, Fadetheblackk dealt with the constant envy and hate growing up and made a huge success out of it. Backed by Lyrical Lemonade, EarMilk, TheSource Magazine to mention a few, We expect more great music is to come from this artist.

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