MDW brings Freestyle music back on the FM dial

Q: What first got you into the radio music industry?

The passion and love that I have for the music business. Especially connecting with the fans. My first radio station gig was at Pulse 87 FM,(Brooklyn NY), then Radio Active 104.5 FM (Willemstad Curaçao). Currently, I’m on a weekly Freestyle radio show every Monday on Rhythm 105.9 FM (Sacramento California) and every Friday on La llama Radio 104.5 FM HD2 (Port St Lucie, FL)

Q: Why is it so important to spin Freestyle music on the FM dial?

It is important to me because freestyle music is nostalgic and brings back happy memories from my child youth especially the 80’s & 90’s. It takes people back in time when it was all about having fun. dancing, block parties, and special moments in people's lives.

Q: Name one special moment that was memorable to you as a DJ?

When I was DJ’ing with my brother Ralph as a teenager at Saint Francis De Sales school gym in east Harlem. This was the first time people saw TKA, The Latin Rascals (Albert Cabrera, Tony Moran & keyboardist Sam) performing on stage. I just knew in my heart TKA was going to be a huge success. This is where their previous manager Joey Gardner discovered TKA.

Q: Do you feel the freestyle music genre is dead or making a comeback?

Great question, I never felt that this genre of music was dead. If you take a look at Sal Abbatiello from Fever Records he is still packing thousands of seats in these concert venues. How can it be dead? Do you ask comeback? I feel the freestyle music genre never left. Now it is peaking again and returning to the FM radio stations with the legendary artists and tons of new music being released every week.

Q: Any upcoming projects your currently working on?

New release on my label Flava Music Records by Raul Soto & Alisa B formerly from the group Max a Million. Duet titled “ I Don't Know produced by Charlie Babie & Flavio Productions. Also on the radar a reggaeton release by Karina Skye titled “South Beach”. Tune in to La Llama Radio 104.5 FM HD2 for a new two Freestyle / Dance show every Friday and also my FB live shows on

Q: What is one message you would give to your fans?

Always maintain positive, be authentic and always turn to the music when you are feeling down and need to uplift yourself. This will always be my belief — MUSIC IS OUR MEDICINE



Originally posted at: Huffing Post



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