It’s Moo Time: Russell Johnson Pulls The Curtain On The Chung Moo Quan

What is it like being part of a cult — particularly, one focused on martial arts? What are the practices that make someone stay, against his or her better judgment? A fascinating look into the Chung Moo Quan, Deceived: The Moo Years, is an explosive podcast created by Mr. Russell Johnson, a former member of the infamous Martial Arts cult, which made headlines throughout the 80s and 90s for its leader’s John C. Kim’s white collar criminal activity.

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It is, however, what went on behind the scenes, and failed to reach the news cycles, that made the Chung Moo Quan a fully-fledged cult. Mr. Johnson, acknowledging his power as a Chung Moo Quan survivor, created Deceived: The Moo Years intending to make his contribution towards raising awareness with regards to brainwashing cult tactics and manipulation techniques, to help prevent other, unsuspecting citizens from falling prey to such organizations.

Each week, Mr. Johnson tells his story in a riveting, first-person account, covering the period of time he trained as a member of the Chung Moo Quan to receive his first white belt and all the way to his first degree black belt.

In one particular episode of his life in the cult, Mr. Johnson was awoken, mid-sleep, at 3 AM, by a very hard slap on his water bed. He then proceeded to hear someone shout, “Wake up!”, and he instantly, and without even thinking, jumped to his feet, and in bowing position said, “Yes, Instructor”. The instructor standing in the bedroom was Mr. Keith Brown; he was there to reprimand Mr. Johnson for the direction of his waterbed. According to Mr. Brown, it was bad to sleep with one’s head facing north, as there was a certain bad energy originating from the north that could get into the mind at night. Mr. Johnson took this as a reference to North Korea, and immediately began to drain his waterbed, so as to take it apart and move it, placing it with its head pointing towards another direction, as per Mr. Brown’s specifications.

Deceived: The Moo Years received a glowing review by Mr. Calvin Yocum,Motion Picture Story Analyst at 20th Century Fox, who noted that “It’s certainly the most compelling angle on martial arts world I’ve seen in years.”

Mr. Johnson is soon to publish his memoir, Deceived: a Journey into Darkness, which will offer an even closer look into the cult, and expand on various subjects that could not be covered through the podcast narrative form.

All Deceived: The Moo Years episodes can be found on the podcast’s Soundcloud page.


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