Introducing Quantum Codes- Words have the Power to Create and Shift Your Reality

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The upcoming book with the project Beyond Placebo describes 24 powerful quantum codes that unravel the deep mystical abilities of the human Mind. 12 codes used for the physical, mental, emotional healing and then into the process of Awakening. Then further 12 codes are used to anchor back the enhanced spiritual energies back into physical reality.

This is the first time a work of this caliber will be represented to the world. Anyone willing to take part in the process of self-healing and awakening may work with the codes directly from the book. The Quantum codes are simple words that have been specifically chosen for the purpose of Multidimensional activations. The codes activate just by reading or uttering the word like the ancient Mantras. There is no specific mastery and practice required to work with the Codes and the Work will be made available worldwide at the beginning of 2020. These Quantum codes also offer the possibilities of Scientific research in Spirituality by practical application of the Codes system to a larger population and getting clear response results which was not possible with the earlier Spiritual systems.

Check the YouTube channel for more information and updates on the book launch. The channel also has multiple healing systems and meditation sessions available for everyone.

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