Interview with Music Artist Released new single “Galaxy Disco”

Q: Why did you decide to work on this EP, and from where did you get the idea?

In the past month or so, I have been working with Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance on Santa Fe Pride come June 2022 (which is sure to be very fun and amazing), also currently working diligently with the other group that I work with, CHART Santa Fe, on helping to facilitate and gather dialogue from various members of our community regarding essential topics of concern, different issues, etc. The work has all been highly rewarding and I love the people of whom I serve alongside with.

Q: Where you have been performing your music?

I am also working on a couple of new theatre productions, which will be my first live theatre productions I have acted in since before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and am working on performing music live again as well.

Q: When is your New single coming out?

Because of all of this collectively, I have decided to push the release date period of a new album/EP/etc a little farther into the future at this present moment so I am able to focus more clearly and not become too overwhelmed.

Q: Are you currently writing a new EP/Single for this year?

I am writing new music, as well as refining older projects that I feel more confident in returning to. For now, however, I am concentrating comparatively more on playing live music again, as well as promoting my current single, “Galaxy Disco”, which I am proud of.

Q: Can you describe yourself in three words?

In three words? Playfully enigmatic, creative, and unapologetically adventurous.

Q: How many albums are coming?

I don’t believe I would have just one album, since the island more than likely would be built on albums.

Q: When you did start in the music industry?

I’ve always written poetry, and have always enjoyed performing in musicals or just any opportunity to be involved in music and singing. I’ve taken many voice lessons and had a plethora of theatrical experiences which have encouraged me to learn and improve alongside others.

When it came down to my own desire to merge both my writing talent(s) and singing, and at around 12 to 13 years of age, that is when I acquired my first guitar and began just playing and learning a wide array of playing and songwriting techniques from other musicians as much as I could while growing up. I started coming up with more original tunes by the time I turned 16. I’m still learning things about myself as an artist and how I can look at writing new music to this day.

Q: Social Media profiles:



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