Interview the Classical Crossover Singer and VIP Vocal Coach Amalia Moerman Pavlidi

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Q. Amalia you are one of the best Vocal Coaches how do you explain this success?

Q. Your new single is online and we love it!! Why you chose to sing blues in your classical crossover way?

Q. You are travelling in Europe, you were a vocal coach in the Netherlands many years, you have worked for the VOICE, and different talent agencies, now you are in Italy, you work with many students monthly, what a singer needs in order to succeed today?

Q. Why do you love teaching?

Q. You have one of the best voices we have heard. You work with 2 agencies in Europe. When can we see you in the US?

Q. The secret of your success?

Q. Will we see more VEVO videos from you?

Q. Where People Can follow you?

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