Interview: Rapper Nassus, Talks About New Single, & More

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Q: Before we get to the details of the forthcoming new release and that new track you’ve just teased us with, we want to get to know more on you- Introduce yourselves, your band and how long have you been creating/performing live?

Q: What’s the story behind the formation of Cabana and where did the name come from?

Q: You’ve perfected your own unique sound but how would you all describe what that sound is?

Q: The new single “Cabana” was unveiled a few days ago and what a highly anticipated release that was. Describe your writing/recording process and how you’ve managed to get to this standout effort?

Q: What do you think the new release captures?

Q: Are you supporting the release with any live shows? (If not do you have any planned)

Q: Is there a particular track that you all just love to play?

Q: Can we look forward to any more releases soon both digital and physical?

Q: And Finally any last words?

Q: Where people can find you: (Social profile)

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