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I’m going to be shared with you guys all of my secrets on how to shop costumes from an online store. Shopping for clothes online can be a frustrating process. Because you’re not sure where to shop? You’re not sure how to shop? So, I’m going to be sharing with you guys all my top tips on how to shop for clothes online.

I don’t get clothes you like how to make sure the clothes will fit you? And how to get them at a lower price? If you liked the article, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up.

Let me know and let’s get my top tips and how to shop for clothes online.

USE Pinterest

It’s helped because you can look at them and ask yourself questions about why you pick the things you picked and what about them did you like what does the fit? What is it the color?

All of these can help you know what to look for before you shop online. Personally, for me, I know what I like to look for when I’m shopping black/white shopping.

Know What Fits You Like

Pay attention when you’re trying pieces on what fits you like? What makes you feel comfortable? Because that way when you see different pieces online, you can identify the fit and be like no I don’t like the way that dresses looks on me.

So, for example with me on my body I like my legs, but I don’t really like my torso. So, I tend to stick to higher waisted things that show up my legs versus things like bandage dresses. Which show off curves.

Look At The Size Charts

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You might be used to being size six somewhere else, but on that website, the size might be different. So, to avoid getting something and not fitting into it and having to return it.

I always check the size chart and see what size I should order.

What Size Is The Model Wearing?

Models usually wear a sample size which is usually a two or size small. So, if the model is wearing something like a BM you know that it runs small and you should go larger.

How Does It Look On The Model?

Look at the clothing in the picture. Because it’s going to look the best, it will ever look when it’s on the model in that photo. They hired a team of people to make that garment look amazing. So, you would want to buy it. So, if it seems questionable in the photo, you should not buy it.

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Like seriously look at how short this thing is that’s not a dress that’s going to be a napkin on you. If you order this and you have any code to you literally, you’ll be wearing a t-shirt. So many red flags whenever I see a model covering up 50% of the dress. What are you hiding in there?

How Will You Wear It?

If you’re looking at a piece of clothing online like a shirt, but you can’t think of what pants you’ll wear with it don’t buy it. You want to be buying pieces that you can mix in with your current wardrobe and rewear multiple times.

So, if you like something but you can’t figure out how you would wear with any of your other pieces. Chances are you never will.

Do You Have Something Similar?

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I like to shop online a lot of the times to get inspiration for pieces that I already have. I’ll be looking at things that I’m like oh my gosh I love this outfit. But when I start to break down the look I’m like oh I have a black tank top that kind of looks similar to that. I start to come up with new outfits with pieces that I already have, and I end up not buying the things that I thought I wanted.

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