How Limitless Supps Came Into Being


The average world citizen is becoming more conscious about fitness, diet, and overall wellbeing. There is an increased number of people engaging in workouts, alternative therapies, and all possible regimes that can keep them active and fit all the time. To cater to this rising need, the dietary and health supplement market is also constantly growing and evolving. Joining the growth curve is Limitless Supps, a health supplement brand based in Plainfield, Illinois, United States.

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The idea behind the brand

Limitless Supps is owned and operated by Brandon Reynolds, a bodybuilder, and a fitness influencer. Brandon had been dedicated to bodybuilding for the last five years and has earned a name and recognition among the fitness fraternity with his focus, hard work, and undaunted enthusiasm. Brandon Reynolds started his professional career as a certified nursing assistant at the St. Mary’s Hospital in Chicago, where he spent his early years. At this time, he was also battling with depression. He continued his nursing profession for nearly five years but eventually quit and moved to Arizona for a fresh start and pursue his fitness dream. This was when he resorted to bodybuilding and gave his 100 percent to fitness. Brandon would spend hours at the gym, and focus on building his physique and keeping himself active at all times. This turned out to be beneficial not only for his physical health but also his state of mind. And thus he slowly and gradually established himself as a bodybuilder.

The brand

To support his ambition, Brandon started Limitless Supps in 2016. The brand offers fitness starter kits, protein supplements, fat reducing products, muscle and metabolism boosters, apparel, and fitness accessories. It targets bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, active professionals, and health seekers who look at effective ways to boost muscle strength, reduce fat, and maintain a lean body.

With nearly 50,000 followers on Instagram and other social media platforms, Limitless Supps enjoys a huge follower base. The brand also is highly regarded in the online space with positive customer reviews. Limitless Supps has been successfully running for the past two years and credit of its brand recognition goes to Brandon Reynolds who is an inspiration for aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

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