How a Modern Travel Outfit Would’ve Changed My Journey

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With more than 100,000 flights worldwide happening on a daily basis, today more than ever before, it is easier to reach those distant and exotic destinations. Whether its captivating Europe with its elusive history and sightseeing, Asia and its soulful temples installed in the faraway mountains or wild and diverse South America — they‘re no longer the dream, they‘re here. And it is more than important to stay sharp and ready, and this is a story of how modern travel outfits would‘ve changed my journey.

It All Started With Outdoor Adventures

It has been six hours. My legs were tired and when you‘re up at 3 kilometers above sea level walking together with the clouds all you hope is for the best weather conditions possible. I was hiking up the Volcan Acatenango in Guatemala and approaching the campsite that is close to the summit.

Everything seemed to go smoothly until I start hearing the skies rumble and realized that its the raining season. Suddenly, another realization comes through — my travel outfit sucks! And it is badly outdated. The raincoat that costed me around 8$ and will be soon put to a sharp test that is bound to fail.

Wind, of course, gets ridiculous at these heights too. And all it takes is just one or two adventures like these and you don‘t have a raincoat anymore. Buy another? A possibility, but it is an endless cycle of cheap production.

As I sat in the rain cloud itself, wet & cold, I started thinking about how it could have been totally different If I invested in quality a bit more. Only later, after the trip, I found this Unisex rubberized raincoat.

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Not only a windbreaker with a hood, and a weatherproof jacket overall, but safe and visible as well with its bright yellow colors that serves well both in nature and city streets while darker clouds hover above. The characteristics alone tell the story of how strikingly different that adventure would have been.

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Image credit to @yoal_des

· Bright yellow colors to stay more visible in the dark.

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Image credit to @katcy_0718

· Double welded seams to stay fully dry, not just some parts.

If you‘re a city-oriented traveler, then heads up, because the elevated style with fashionable details will be the icing on the cake. Not only it makes nice casual wear, a substitute for a jacket if you will, but street photography potential is almost limitless here.

Longevity & Safety Of Your Luggage

While travel outfits like raincoat will assist you greatly in tackling unpleasant weather conditions, the luggage is just as important.

The longer you travel the more it becomes your second home and the more functionality and durability it requires. Welcome the long days at the airport and on the road with peace of mind when all of your valuables are safeguarded in this stylish and waterproof travel bag — AFAR Roller Rucksack.

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