Hit Artist Martone Talks About His New Album Erogenous Zone And His Songwriting

Thank you for sitting down to discuss your new album, Erogenous Zone. It is a very nice and eclectic piece of work, how long did it take to develop this concept?

No problem. Thank you for having me and for the compliment. To answer your question, I thought about Erogenous Zone while I was finishing up on #TEOM and because of several delays with this project, I did not record all of the songs that I had initially intended. But had it not been for those delays it would have been a different album with the same theme though. So, from conception to when I had finished writing was a little over two years.

How did you come up with the idea for Erogenous Zone the song?

Well, the idea was two-fold I knew that I wanted to talk about sexual stimulation in the most romantic way possible, and the love that I have for my husband. If you listen to the lyrics it is a story about the night we met. I actually wrote the lyrics before I had the music and thank God that it fit so well.

On this album, we hear a collaboration with rapper Khristophe on the song Werk, which is hot. What was it like working with him and the other collaborators on this project?

Khristophe was a God-send. I had been looking for someone to do the rap on Werk for a while. I thought about doing it myself, but it would have been disastorous (lol).

I wrote the rap, but I am not a rapper. He delivered those lines like it was nothing. I know he is going to go far, I am just happy that he chose to work with me.

As for the other collaborations, it was during my delays that I decided to let people in. Believe me you, I had to let go and trust God. Because when it's your baby, you really do not anyone to touch it or have influence over it. I am glad that I did though. Because it alleviated a lot of stress that I was under at the time. Having my vocal coach Ms. Shelly and husband Clayton Morgan do back up on Splendid Thing was a treat, we sound so together on that record. Additionally, Clayton co-wrote Dance the Night with Me and Love Out Loud.

How long did it take you to complete the entire project?

It took about 7 weeks for the recording of the entire album. I started on January 25th and finished on March 15, 2019.

What are some of your favorites from the Erogenous Zone album?

Oh my gosh, there are too many. But right off-hand, I would say Erogenous Zone, I Give My Heart to You, Inside Out, Rip the Runway, Werk and Fever. Just to name a few.

Musically speaking Erogenous Zone is such an important album for the LGBT community and to dance music generally. I do not believe that there has ever been a project that speaks on SGL as much as you have. What are your hopes for this project?

Well, thank you for saying that it is an important project. I just intended to write what was in my heart at the time. I really hope that LGBT community and our allies enjoy it.

All I can say is that I did the best that I could do at that time and now it is God’s hands.

This album is lyrically deep, and dancable but you have light-hearted songs like Dance the Night with Me. How did you manage to tackle subjects in songs like Love Out Loud, Inside Out and Rip the Runway? Why did you decide to go that route with these songs?

Well again, I just write what is in my heart. Even though the lyrics are deep to a certain extent you can certainly have a good time while listening.
Love Out Loud, Inside Out, and Rip the Runway all of those songs are about empowerment. These songs are for me as well as my listeners, I will not
lie, I do have days when I am down and I need a little extra motivation and Rip the Runway offers just that. Basically standing up to your bullies/critics
I am going to do what you say, I cannot do. I am living life on my terms and no else’s.

Inside Out is a song that I speak about past experiences in matters of the heart. If I had truly loved myself then, I would not have allowed myself to put up with some of the stuff that I had gone through. Since have learned to love myself the right way — my standards are higher. But the realization is in the chorus, “With self-Love, I have grown.

Love Out Loud is a song for those that are struggling with being themselves. I do believe that those songs being grouped together as they are is no accident. Perhaps it is a devine order.

With Love Out Loud, I am saying be proud of who you are, live in your truth and enjoy your life.

Support seems for indie artists seems to be few and far between. What should indie artists know about getting started in the music business?

You should know that everyone will understand your music, and not everyone will support you. It is and it will be okay. Just never give up, keep on
being the authentic artist that you are, and eventually, everyone else will catch up to you.

Are there any plans to tour with Erogenous Zone, if so, what is the concept of the show?

Actually, I do plan on doing some regional touring in late fall/early winter in my hometown of Lansing, and Detroit, MI and the tri-state.
As for the concept, all that I can say that it will be very, very sexy its not a family show.

If someone really wants to know who you are, which song of yours should they listen to off the Erogenous Zone album, and why?

Wow, that is an awesome question and the first time that I have ever been asked one like it, thank you!

I would have to say that Dance the Night with Me would be the one. Because of my love for dance, and because I like going to the club and dancing.
I hear that dancing at the club is rare now (lol).

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Being the C.E.O of a major company, still doing music and helping other’s with theirs.

Other than music, what is the most important thing, or person in your life?

My husband is the most important person in my life, family is another and being the creative person that I am is very important.

What will be the next song released from the Erogenous Zone album?

Inside Out, is the next single and it is scheduled for August 22, 2019.

Thank you for joining us today Martone. What should our readers know about what’s coming up that was not covered?

Sure thing, thanks for having me. One other thing is that Erogenous Zone will be out this Friday, July 26, 2019, worldwide on all major music platforms.



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