The furuno speedlog DS-30 is a precision Doppler Sonar designed to assist berthing manoeuvres of large or heavy vessels. These may include ferries, container vessels, VLCC and other heavy tankers, where large and inertial forces leave no room for error.

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It provides accurate and exact displays of ship’s speed log over a wide range from dead slow to maximum speed. Speed log is more important for furuno and Speeds usually detected relative to the ground or water both before and after and athwart ship. This dead slow capability that is vital for precise docking of mammoth tankers to oil loading/unloading facilities and accuracy, as well as safe navigation and communication in narrow channels or straits. Operation at very high speed assists economical cruising in open seas. The DS-30 complies and test with IMO Resolution A.478 (XII) and IEC specifications.

The 10" LCD provide a wide range viewing angle for presentation of a wide variety of information in alphanumeric and graphics view in three display modes that include Speed, Bearing and Nav Data. Operation that performs is user-friendly by single-function touch keys and a trackball. The standard system for DS-30 includes a display unit, a separate control head for speed log and a transducer fixed hull unit.

The compact speed log, high-frequency transducer greatly measures ship’s longitudinal speed and transverse speed, as well as also measure water speed and direction under the hull. The transducer that is used to generate narrow beams reduces the effects of cavitation. Emission of high speed three beams greatly reduces the effects of ship’s pitch/roll. High level of system accuracy is made possible even in shallow waters by the use of sophisticate and new circuitry.

There is an option; a state-of-the-art Laser Gyro is also available. It provides accurate and exact measurement of ship’s transverse speed log at stern without the need to install another transducer that is used. The laser gyro is also required when using the Berthing Mode.

Complies with IMO Resolution and IEC specifications for speedlog

Provides accurate and exact speed measurement in shallow water (1 cm/s, bottom clearance>1 m)

Bottom-tracking speed that is down to 200 m depth in water. Auto or manual change over speed between ground-and water-tracking for measurement

Large backlit color LCD display is used that gives versatile presentation in graphic and alphanumeric form

3-beam transmission also reduces the effects of pitch and roll for better accuracy and measurement

There are two hull unit types to choose from: gate valve is used or diver replaceable using watertight connector

Displays ship’s speed log and course with ground tracking accuracy and efficiency when interfaced with an external GPS receiver

A wide variety of analogue speedometers for speed log and digital speed indicators optionally available for remote monitoring and test

Analogue speedlog data and distance run signal fed to various on-board instruments for improving bridge automation and menu faction

Laser Gyro option that is providing for ship’s transverse speed at stern and rate of turn indication.

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