A Day With Asher Laub Bringing A New Concept to Live Music

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With over 25 years of classical violin training, and well over a thousand band/orchestral/recital performances, Asher has become an international improvisational sensation. Proficient in piano, drums, guitar, and mandolin, Asher’s experience composing EDM, hip-hop, rock, middle eastern, jazz and classical music enables him to incorporate the violin into any given genre of music.

Asher lost the strength to hold up his violin for a few years and switched career paths to an NYC public school science and music teacher spanning 4 years while he regained his strength. Despite his recovery efforts, his status progressively worsened ultimately, landing him in the ER with the “permanent” diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency.

After months struggling to fall asleep, using a bedpan, requiring family members to take over all the daily logistics of his life, he was confined to a wheelchair on steroids. He remained hopeless and in despair for a period, but refused to accept defeat.

Dueling Violinists — Citi Summer In the Square Concert Series! Video:

Dueling violinists, Asher Laub and Joe D take the stage at Citi Summer In the Square’s annual concert series. This was a high energy concert performance as part of Union Square’s initiative to beautify the neighbourhoods.

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