Creative Hybrid Smartwatch By GenY GmbH

Story behind GENY ONE SmartWatch:

Interviw OF KARL KIESER, Founder of GENY ONE:

After I quit my job as a CIO at Swissmem, I wanted to pursue a new challenge, which should change the digital world of sport. Well it starts with frustration as a user. The main function of a clock is the time playback. Smart Watches hold however 1–3 days and also look unaesthetic and ugly. Nothing you could wear every day to any occasion. The processing is also quite bad and usually much too complex. Our clockwork has its own current source which has a service life of up to 10 years.

The Smartmodul is operated by a separate battery and holds up to 5 days, depending on usage. We from GenY focus only on the most essential functions, which can be reached by a single press on the touchscreen. They are a few thinkers in history who have really understood that a good tool is handy, but a beautiful tool is loved. Steve Jobs was one guy who understood the marriage of function and design and Karl Kieser goes a step further. Where other big companies fail, we at GenY GmbH fill the gap. As a Swiss company, we feel responsible to offer our customers the best at a reasonable price without compromising.

Our focus is on innovation and fair play which corresponds to the Swiss standard. This is how we created the GenY One Smart Watch. It is completely scratch-resistant and has a dome top which is made of sapphire glass. It includes a Swiss watch movement from Ronda, which was combined with Chinese technology. A highlight of this watch is the blood pressure and heart rate monitor, which set new standards for a hybrid smart watch.

Features of GENY ONE:

- Swiss Quarz Movement

- Patented Swiss Design

- Touch Screen

- Scratch Resistant Band, Watch Case and Strap

- Blood Pressure Gauge

- Heart Monitor

- Sleep Tracking

- Anti Mobile Loss Function

- Water Resistant 3 ATM

- Distance Meter

- Calorie Counter

- Reminder Note

-Call & Message Notification

The technology comes from Shenzhen; a city in the heart of China which supplies the whole world with high-tech products. The watch is fully scratch-resistant and the sapphire glass dome can withstand the toughest requirements no matter what you do. We at GenY stand for reliability and sustainability. That’s why we use only the highest industry standards to produce our hybrid smartwatches.

Pics of GENY ONE

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