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A report says there should be no limit on the number of high-skilled workers, such as doctors, coming to the UK to work

EU workers should be given “no preference” for visas to come to the UK after Brexit, says a new report.

The Migration Advisory Committee also recommends that it should be easier for higher-skilled workers to migrate to the country.

It has called on the government to scrap a limit on high-skilled workers altogether — currently 20,700 each year for those from non-EU countries.

The government has said it will “carefully consider” the proposals.

More than 400 businesses, industry bodies and government departments gave evidence to the committee after it was asked to do the research in July 2017 by then Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

It is thought the report will shape the government’s post-Brexit immigration policy.

The committee’s interim report, published in March, found that UK employers were “fearful” about what an immigration system would look like after Brexit, with many viewing EU migrants as more motivated and flexible than UK-born workers.

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Your guide to Brexit jargon

It comes as latest figures showed that net migration from the EU was at its lowest level since 2012 — with the number of EU citizens coming to look for work down by a third to 37,000 and overall net migration at 282,000.

The government wants to cut overall net migration to the tens of thousands.

The Migration Advisory Committee has already suggested that international students in the UK should not be removed from targets to reduce migration.

Last month, the Confederation of British Industry said net migration targets should be scrapped after Brexit and replaced with a system that ensures people coming to the UK make a positive contribution to the economy.

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