B.rod Executing 1 Song A Week Full Steam Ahead

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B.rod is an American singer/rapper/songwriter with very versatile compilations of music. As of lately, B.rod has been putting out 1 song each week, which from what we could gather from Instagram live is tremendously gaining traffic to all media.

B.rod also gave advice to another artist like himself stating, “ Putting music out every week keeps your social media pulse pulsating for fans who want new content & it also keeps you fresh on peoples mind in this ever-changing industry” The biggest thing that stood out from this advice was how B.rod spoke on the music promoting itself by it constantly being released. This brings the same people & new people back to the same catalogue which eventually grows over time with quality music.

B.rod has posted numbers before & claims that they are climbing through the technique. So Independent Artist, Drop your music every week if you want to see the growth that artist like B.rod Is experiencing.

Follow B.rod on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CEiW06OHiiA/?igshid=5igmwflpois5

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