B.rod Banks Explanation for Beating Depression Through a Subconscious Reset, Separation, Fitness & Music.

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There was a time where I was so depressed I didn’t want to live but I didn’t want to die if that makes any sense. I was so caught up in the questions of what makes a successful life? Did I make the right decisions on quitting my job at the bank, leaving my apartment in Ohio & coming to Atlanta to pursue a music career with almost 0 connections. Would I be like thousands of other artist who made the journey but after a time eventually gave up. Of course those were thoughts that constantly went through my head. But also the fight between remaining who I am vs appealing to the trends of the industry to catch on faster. The thought of conforming to the music industry’s style & trends of music sent me into a deep dilemma was not an option but still made me rethink the decisions I’d been making. Going after a music career is so unconventional & it’s unpredictable especially when you have nothing but a burning desire. Although hard decisions were made it wasn’t easy & it’s the sole reason my depression worsen. It made me question who I am & wonder was I making the right decisions.

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So what sparked your recovery?

It took a whole mind reset to get to where I am now, I had to hit the track and run. I started out slow and just ran as long as I possibly could at least a mile, I started doing push ups sit ups and hitting the bench press, pull ups. Just getting that pump & exhausting my body. I mentally and physically separated myself from everyone including family and friends, I had to get their energy and pressure off of me. I did this for a long time, like 6 months to a year. Keep in mind this was not easy because I was still depressed during this time. But I also opened my mind up spiritually to be more open to question everything even down to religion & to explore what consciousness actually is. And that’s when I realized that my thoughts that I’m thinking needed a reset like a hard-drive. But only me getting away from these relationships & working my body out left me empty enough for new ideas. I begin to listen to the interviews and positive content in a new light and new openness. Slowly the pain was fading I gave myself the freedom to leave music aside until I was better and that release of pressure was good for me. It worked, I’d begun a new journey & it’s felt better than anything I’ve ever experienced. & now this new music is FIRE

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