Chris Leslie
Chris Leslie

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Chris Leslie stepped down as Shadow Chancellor when Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership

Labour MP Chris Leslie has lost a vote of no confidence among members of his constituency party in Nottingham East.

The former shadow chancellor is the latest of a number of vocal critics of party leader Jeremy Corbyn to face such votes.

The result carries no official weight but recent changes to party rules make it easier to remove sitting MPs.

Mr Leslie and supporters boycotted the meeting, saying he had been unfairly targeted.

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Louise Regan said their focus was on winning the next election

Mr Leslie has represented the constituency since 2010. He stepped down as shadow chancellor when Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership.

Louise Regan, chair of the Nottingham East Labour Party, said: “We have overwhelmingly passed a vote of no confidence in Chris Leslie the MP.

“But actually our biggest focus is to go out tomorrow campaigning because what we want is to elect a Labour government.”

Mr Leslie said: “Sadly differing opinions are no longer tolerated in some parts of the Labour Party.

“But I have to weigh the views of a few dozen people at this meeting with the thousands who voted for me at the last election.”

Others to face no confidence votes from their local parties are Luton South MP Gavin Shuker, Joan Ryan, MP for Enfield North, and Frank Field who quit the parliamentary party earlier this month.

Such votes carry no official force within the Labour Party but local activists could hold a “trigger ballot”, where sitting Labour MPs can be forced to compete for selection as a candidate against all-comers, ahead of the next general election.

source : NEWS Media

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