An Interview with Rising jazz pianist “Yoonmi Choi”

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Q: Please introduce yourself and how you first got into this field of work –and who were some of your influences growing up?

Q: What kind of training have you had, if any?

Then I moved to the Netherlands and took one more bachelor at Prince Claus Conservatoire and graduated with the highest performance score from 4 famous jazz pianists in the Netherlands.

Q: What has been your favourite project to work on so far?

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I got the opportunity to be involved as a pianist/music director with Conch Buika who is Latin Grammy Nominated Vocalist. I am touring with her in Europe, America and Africa.

Q: Why did you move to New York?

Q: What has been one of the biggest highlights/achievements of your career?

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My original composition series “7 Days” got 2014 International Leiden Jazz award in the Netherlands.

I played recently Newport Jazz Festival which is one of the most important jazz festivals in the world. Also, I cannot forget NYC Summerstage this year. Since I’ve been in New York City for 4 years, Summerstage was one of my dreams.

Q: If you had a chance to work alongside anybody who would that be?

Q: What projects do you have coming up?

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In 2 weeks, we have a concert at Red sea Jazz festival in Israel with Buika band. It’s my first time to visit Israel I am very exciting.

Probably beginning of September I am going to slowly start to record my jazz album. I already composed a long time ago but I still need to work on arranging for strings. It will be Piano, bass, drums, cello and vocal.

Q:) Who is your inspiration?

Q: What are your favorite venues to perform in?

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I love inside the venue. I can fill more audience energy clearly plus band sound as well. I loved to play at Sf jazz centre in San Francisco and Coliseum theatre in Portugal.

Q: Social Profiles:

-Music Director/pianist at ‘Truffels jazz murder and mystery” musical show in Time square.

-Jazz ensemble Director in Velcanto State Opera, Inc.

-Pianist of Adel Experience, New York Nightingales, Lady and the vamps and Remo band.

Q: Do you have any advice for young music makers like yourself?

Q: Where can fans see you perform next?

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