An Interview with music Artist TRA$HBOY

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My name is Jonathan Breiner from Sweden and my artist name is “TRA$HBOY”. I make music in the genre of Hip-Hop & Rap. I could actually describe it as more of a “hyped up rap genre”. My two biggest inspirations of all time are XXXTENTACION & Ski Mask The Slump God. I started making music about a year ago with some friends just for fun. Later on, I realized that this could actually be something for me and I started making music more serious instead of making bad sounding beats.

I started out with making simple beats in FL-Studio. Days went and I just sat home and made beats all day long. Later on, I began to record rap vocals myself. I started posting my music on Spotify and Soundcloud and the next day I went to school I told my friends what I was doing. Some of them thought it sounded really bad and others thought it sounded decent.

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I made numerous songs and uploaded them. But it always ended up with me taking the songs down because I realized how bad they sounded. But now after a year, I have learned more how to master and mix my songs in a program called Audacity. So now when I make a song, I decide whenever it’s good enough for uploading to Spotify or not.

I made my first serious song called “PSYCHO!” and uploaded it to Spotify. And for the first time, people actually thought it was sounding good. A friend of mine came up to me and said: “If people all around the world actually knew that you existed on Spotify, you would be famous”. He later added: “I can admit that your previous songs sounded like complete dogshit compared to this one!” And that motivated me so much to continue making music.

I later made a song called “HEADSHXT!” but that song didn’t get as much attention as “PSYCHO!” did. So I and my friend David figured out that we could make a remix version of the original “PSYCHO!”. We later posted a song called “PSYCHO! (RELOADED) (ft. Philosofer)” on Spotify.

Right now, I’m working on two albums.

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