An Interview with music Artist Fission

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My name is Nathanael Thomas with the alias, Fission. I’m a Christian EDM producer and a lover of art. When I first started working on “ How Do You Know It’s Love”, I told myself l am going to make something with more musicality than I’ve ever made before.

This song was very much like a challenge to push me to make something new. I mixed various genres like House, Calypso, Gospel and Future Bass to create something that I believe is unique.

I wrote the lyrics during the contemplation of what makes love “Love”. The Greek word “Agape” is defined as the highest expression of love in the Christian Faith and it is pure, selfless and unconditional love.

It is the type of love that Jesus has for us. Regardless of our beliefs, I believe love should be pure, selfless and unconditional. This song is about the Agape love that people should have for each other.

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