An Interview with Music Artist Lord Ndoro and talk about his new single release “Take A Look Around”

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Lord Ndoro’s music flows from him as a natural emotional response to what is going on in his life at the time. Each track has its own personality and connection to his state of mind. Passionately he delivers a unique sound with each release, which surprises and delights.

Q: Your new single ‘Take A Look Aroundʼ is out Who inspired you. Can you talk us through that?

Q: How did you come up with the title?

Q: What was the recording process for ‘Take A Look Around?

Q: Do you think your exʼs have heard the song yet? and if so how do u think they felt about the second verse or the whole song?

Q: What artists are inspiring you at the moment?

Q: You have collaborated with some impressive artists over the last few years — who is on your dream list of people to work with?

Q: What do you think the music scene in darwin Is missing that other states arenʼt?

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Q: Whatʼs up next for Lord Ndoro?

Q: Please, share your music links and social profiles:

Take A Look Around Link

Instagram Link:

Facebook Link:


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