An Interview with Music artist “B Vibez”

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Q: Please introduce yourself to the readers and how you first got into this field of work –and who were some of your influences growing up?

I first got into this field of work as a child at the age of 5. I was cast as the teacher who had to sing a solo… I never stopped after that

Some of my influences growing up were people like Missy Elliot, India Arie, Eve, Lauryn Hill, Tupac & Lil Kim

Q: You recently have been signed to Yns Family Entertainment as their first female artist? How did that happen? and how do you feel with this new move in your career?

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Q: How do I feel about this new move?

Q: Have you been working on any new projects or singles?

Q: How do you define your sound?

Q: What has been one of the biggest highlights/achievements of your career?

Q: If you had a chance to work alongside anybody who would that be?

Q: What's the hardest thing about being a female artist in the industry today?

Q: Who gives you inspiration?

Q: What are your favorite venues to perform or where would you like to perform in the future?

Q: How has quarantine been for you and how has it effected your music?

Q: Do you have any advice for young musicians like yourself?

Q: Is there anything you would like to say to the readers?

Look out for Me, I’m Coming…

Vibe with Me

Q: Social Profiles:

Facebook: @Bvibezmusic

Twitter: @Bvibezmusic

SoundCloud: B Vibez

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