An Interview with men’s sports fashion brand “V4Victor”

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A new revolutionary Sports brand to check for the fashion lover.

currently, men are shifting from dressing in official attire to more comfortable wear, and that’s what V4Victor sportswear brand provides. This UK-based label has mastered the art of monochromatic workout attire to “Innovative men’s sports fashion brand”. Fuses fashion with the comfort and flexibility of sportswear to create “The perfect daily wear for every man”.

Using the highest possible quality of materials and are made available at remarkably affordable rates, particularly in comparison with their quality, ensuring that customers do not have to break the bank to get their desired fashion items. Also, V4Victor sportswear brand has a lot of new things coming; they are finalizing on a partnership with Sweatcoin, a well-known fitness application; and expanding to womenswear and gym accessories.

Below is the full interview access with V4Victor:

Q. Why did you decide to choose fashion designing as a career?

To be completely honest, I’m not a fashion designer. I don’t have a background or experience in fashion design. I studied interior design here in London unrelated to this trade. I have always been devoted to fashion, being surrounded by people who specialize in the fashion industry inspired my interest to enter the fashion world. One of my closest friends is a fashion model and she is one of many people who encouraged me to open up my online store.

Q. Tell us about your line. What was your inspiration for this collection? (What is the name of this collection?)

V4Victor started way back in 2018. We started from t-shirt printing design and advanced to hoodies, tank tops, short’s, leggings, etc. Our Products are inspired by a monochromatic workout outfit, which allows our customers to combine fashion with the comfort and flexibility of sportswear, creating “The perfect sportswear for every man or woman on the go”.

We aim to make our products appropriate for everyday activities, so our customers can feel comfortable even outside the gym. We have a lot to unveil at V4Victor, one of which we are already finalizing our partnership with sweatcoin, which is a popular fitness app. We are also proud to announce the launching of our womenswear in the near future.

Q. What according to you is your favorite part of being a fashion designer?

My focus as a fashion designer is to interpret my customer’s needs and meet their expectations. I appreciate how important it is for our customers to feel comfortable, knowing I can exceed this gives me a great sense of pride.

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Q. What skills according to you are necessary for a successful fashion designer?

Don’t be afraid to fail. Turn your weaknesses into strengths and always aim for improvement. Being observant and up to date on the current trends, learn how to listen to what is the people are looking for.

Q.(V4Victor), do you think true invention in fashion is still possible?

I feel the key to success is being ahead of the competition, being unique and have an eye-catching design. Admittedly competition in the fashion industry can be challenging. Our focus is to be different, standing out from the rest. As long as we aim to be new and fresh anything is possible.

Q. Was it an advantage for you to start your career in fashion with such a clean slate?

Being new in this industry I know that I have a lot to learn and have a challenging competition. The beauty of fashion is that everyone wants something new and fresh. My advantage is my knowledge of graphics and design, having a competent team with an array of skills equally sharing the passion to succeed.

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Q. What else inspires your fashion designs?

My inspiration comes from the most unexpected sources from cars, shapes, architectures, etc. We like it simple yet eye-catchy and will make a statement.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to add? Your social media profiles?

Official Facebook Page: V4Victor

Official Instagram Account:

Official Twitter Account: V4Victor Official

Official Youtube Channel: V4Victor

Official Linked In Account: V4Victor Clothing Ltd

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