An interview with James Moores Owner of Independent Music Promotions Inc

One of music PR’s most-followed thinkers, James Moores's work has been spread by majors like ASCAP, Performer Magazine, CDBaby, Reverbnation, and The Lefsetz Letter.

He champions a “music first” mentality and accountability in the industry. He personally manages all of the Independent Music Promotions Inc. campaigns.

Independent Music Promotions Inc. provides full-service music PR campaigns for independent musicians of all genres. All services are strictly based on gaining high amounts of press for chosen bands and solo artists. Press is vital when it comes to grabbing the attention of festivals, labels, licensing companies, and new listeners.

Artists with high amounts of press and publicity are perceived differently by industry and new listeners alike. That is why the press is I.M.P’s focus. We fill a much-needed void for independent artists.

Q: What is your background?

I’ve been a musician since age 14, recording albums and in independent bands since age 16, and promoting musicians since my mid-twenties (I’m 39 now). Independent Music Promotions was launched in 2010, the same year that my book “Your Band Is A Virus” was published.

Q: What are the advantages of Independent Music Promotions Inc?

The advantage of Independent Music Promotions Inc is the practical focus on SEO-based growth for artists and labels, as well as the art-first mentality we have with our music with depth niche. We don’t just send out an EPK and hope it sticks. Our main role is to constantly seek out new partners who genuinely want to introduce new underground music to their audience in proper context alongside other current music news and releases.

Q: What service(s) or product(s) do you offer in music with depth?

We provide PR campaigns with a focus on getting music releases written about, mentioned, shared and playlisted across a variety of formats. ‘Music with depth’ means that we’re choosy about who we work with, accepting roughly 3 out of every 10 submissions for campaign consideration.

Q: How did you get started with Independent Music Promotions Inc and start connecting with artist?

I launched Independent Music Promotions Inc shortly after my book “Your Band Is A Virus” had achieved some recognition in musicians' circles.

Providing practical services based on getting indie musicians’ releases reviewed was a logical extension of the tactics described in the book. Some artists, after reading the book, choose to do things themselves or perhaps
launch their own company, and others choose to get in touch with me and work with me in building their public profile.

Q: What is unique about Independent Music Promotions Inc?

We guarantee press coverage for all clients we choose to work with. We have enough connections and partners to do this. Also, we don’t take on just anyone and stay true to our music with depth niche.

Q: Sir, James Moore, can you tell us what are your responsibilities as an author?

To be useful in some way. When writing, whether it’s a book or a blog post, I try to include actionable steps so it’s not just fluff or opinion. Something artists can do right now. That’s all. To be useful.

Q: What was the most challenging client you’ve had to advise so far? What were their needs, and how did you help them?

I don’t always help people. We have to share a sense of common perspective and respect for there to be true communication. Sometimes that’s not possible where there’s short-term thinking or inflated expectations involved. The best thing you can do is be honest with people and only align yourself with down-to-earth individuals and organizations that share common goals.

Q: This job requires a wide range of knowledge about the services of several major promotion providers. How do you organize yourself around keeping up-to-date information ready for your clients?

I constantly read new marketing information from a variety of sources, not just the music industry. I also learn from fellow business owners who are exploring their own social media and other growth. Learning new applications in regards to music marketing and social media sites like Instagram has also been very helpful.

Q: How would you deal with a difficult client’s claim? What would you do to help it get processed, and to help the client understand the policy better?

I try to be as transparent as possible and constantly up the ante in this area. So, at this point, before even working with a client, I provide extensive documentation clearly outlining what we do, what we don’t do, what to expect, to the point where our exact press and playlisting results are stored in Pinterest folders for the public to look over.

This avoids most misunderstandings. You do sometimes get people who don’t do the reading and get upset regardless, or who get inflamed over some issue and can’t be reasoned with. This is a fact of life in any business. You do your best to meet them in the middle and be fair.

Q: What kinds of music industries are you most comfortable with already?

I work mainly with journalists, bloggers, and independent radio.

Q: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

If you plan to continue doing music on any semi-pro or professional level, build a catalog of releases (artist or label), cultivate a social media presence, etc, then you need to market yourself. Period.

No one is exempt from this process, which includes financial investment even if you learn SEO, learn Google advertising, do your own tag/hashtag research, use advertising tools for Facebook and Instagram growth, boost your targeted social posts leading new listeners to your website, Spotify, Youtube, etc.

Even activists and pure revolutionaries need financial investment and intensive marketing to get one step away from obscurity.



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