An Interview with DrKanisha

I am fortunate to sit down with an amazing physician, entrepreneur, philanthropist and single mother Dr. KaNisha.

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Q: What kind of doctor are you?

A: I am a medical doctor, M.D. I am board certified as an anesthesiologist. So I am the physician that is best known for putting people to sleep for surgery or performing pain procedures, like epidurals, for pregnant women in labor.

I am also a physician counselor. I have a graduate degree in Counseling. My practice is focused around conquering depression and anxiety, also embracing a personal definition of sexuality. I also have a specific practice for executive level persons who need to harness optimal mentation and mindfulness to perform at their highest levels and increase productivity.

Q: You first appeared on the global stage after writing your first book. Tell us how this book came about.

A: Simple. Journaling. It's my therapy. I was at a pivotal point in my life and career. I was failing at the balancing act. I was trying to deal with the grief of losing my dad while supporting my mom suffering the loss of her husband. I was struggling, being a fairly new physician. While journaling my struggles, I realized that medicine really had nothing to do with how people felt about life or themselves. Feeling loved makes people feel good. Feeling wanted makes people feel loved. And having sex regularly generally makes the average person feel great. So the title of the book is “Sex After..” Every chapter talks about a milestone in the average woman’s life from starting a career, marriage, kids, divorce and death. I wanted to write a prescription and permission slip to all these women to put themselves first and embrace their sexuality.

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Q: Rumor has it there is a sequel to this first bestseller. When can we get our hands on your next book?

A: It’s definitely NOT a rumor. My second book is in the works as we speak. However, I found myself failing at the balancing at, again! But luckily, the struggle always proceeds my success. I am currently in the editing and rewriting process because I want to give my audience real-life answers. I want to share my successes and failures to promote a sexual positive culture that remains true to my mission of empowering EVERY woman. This next book should further the conversation I started with “Sex After..” and simultaneously bring more women to the table. I really want to be transparent with my struggles with spirituality, sexuality, single parenting, and body shaming. I know these nuggets are just teasers, but I promise I will not disappoint.

Q: I follow your social media closely. I see your interaction with several currents A list stars and Reality TV’s finest. Do you care to address the ongoing whispers that we will soon see you on the small screen, if not a big screen?

A: Anyone who follows my social media knows that I am a proud Howard Alumnus. Howard University has allowed me to share some wonderful platforms with great people. Yes, you see stars, but for me, they are all family. My relationship with the Mecca has opened and continues to open many doors. I am not sure if that will lead to Television or more. I will say I have not seen anything in writing, so let the streets keep talking.

Q: What’s next for Dr. KaNisha?

A: I have several ideas and no idea at the same time.

I recently launched my blog to share my struggles with balancing motherhood and a career. My clinical practice is growing to provide alternative and flexible options for physicians that are also moms and desire better work-life balance.

I am a contributing author in the “Thrive Project.” This book and tour will commence in August. It is about promoting self-care, self-love, and real answers for female entrepreneurs ready to take that leap.

I do know that my second book will drop before the end of the year. I am really focused on continuing to educate the masses on sexual health, increase mental health awareness, and promoting women’s issues.

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Q: How can we keep up with your appearances, ventures, and breaking news:

A: My website has it all and @drkanisha on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

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