An interview with music artist “Diosa Art”

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2 min readDec 2, 2020


Diosa Art from a small town Edenton NC, growing up I started off writing poetry at the age of 9yrs, Instruments became a big influence on my rhythm and flow, watching my grandfather and my father play the guitar I was able to learn my sound and create my flow, through writing and recording I found my peace and my identity, I knew it was true love and passion for me, Growing up in Edenton, my Twin (Real Artizt) and I shared the stage created a bond in music…

Performed at tons of local talent shows, school events passing out CDs, traveling different cities, Networking with producers in VA, open up for Artists Jadakiss, Rico Barrino, Pastor Troy,…some of my biggest inspirations coming up was King Keiwanee Jay z, Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson, and a few more…

But listening to them and the love and energy behind they’re Art was my inspiration to push the love behind mines and have that confidence. My mission is to put that love back, represent women, change some cycles in my life and my family life. Create my own wave, show people that it’s okay to be who you are and spread that love, and see my people up.

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