A Living Legend, Christine Reidhead

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Education is the most important factor when it comes to reaching your goals, fulfilling your dreams and to maintain a stable lifestyle. An educator works with zeal and zest and much enthusiasm to make their students reach a remarkable place where they could prove their skills and native talent pretty confidently and successfully. Christine Reidhead is one of the great educators who makes sure to train her students as much as she can to enable them to face professional life challenges very easily without getting panicked.

About Christine

Early Life and Education

In 2009, she obtained her B.A. in Education before she obtained her M.A. in Accounting from the University of Phoenix.

Professional Career

Experience highly contributes to making a person more determined and sometimes paves the road to new opportunities. This role unlocked the way for her positions as Director of Athletics, Contract and Grants Manager, and Manager of the Wellness Center. Christine is now Program Manager of the Department of Transportation Grant, and is an Assistant Professor at the University. She is also the Chair of the Department of Business and Education and the Vice President of the Faculty.

Services as a Humanitarian

The Podcast

Christine’s Life Summary

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