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Chelsea Ingram continues to land leading roles in the NYC Film scene across the board. This year she leads in upcoming Amazon Prime TV show Tales Of NYC — Directed by award-winning director Brendan Pike. The show is a daunting insight into numerous true stories of East village characters and is shot all in one sequence, it premieres this coming September.

She was also flown across the world to complete the fantastic Music Video ‘Another Day’ by Zefereli that was filmed in both Williamsburg Brooklyn NYC and Brisbane, Australia. Again Directed by Tweed Dreams award winning direction Brendan Pike the video’s quirky, cute love story catches the heart of thousands of viewers.

The video features a reflective day in the life of your average romantic alien/homo sapien relationship, with a couple of sweet extraterrestrial dance moves thrown in for good measure. For over 27 years Rage has been showcasing a diverse range of music videos from Aussie and international artists, making it the longest-running music television program still in production. Her next play is set to debut at within the Actors Theatre NYC ‘Fingers’ directed by Ava Lee Scott member of the famous Broadway show Sleep No More. The play is deemed to draw a sold-out production like all Chelsea’s past works and is already set in high regard by industry theatre pupils.

“Fingers is a haunting encounter in the world of substance abuse. Once again Ingram has shook me by the core, her talent as an actress and writer is undeniable’ — Olivia Lucy Phillip (Waitress the music, Frozen Broadway, Book of Mormon, The West End and Tommy CBS) Her leading role in the film Tommy Battles the Silver Sea Dragon debuted at the world famous SXSW. The film also debuted in local American Theatre and numerous international film festivals. It is now available on Amazon Prime.

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