2022 Indie Musician Summit Set To Catapult Independent Music Careers

The third edition of the eagerly awaited Indie Musician Summit will take place on November 19, 2022. This conference is completely free for independent and rising musicians and provides them with useful training, industry insights, and fresh ideas to advance their musical careers.

We’re already in our third year, which is incredible. I believe we get to further enhance the summit’s benefits and the opportunities for interaction among participants, speakers, and artists. Westwood, Kate (Summit Founder and Owner Westwood Management).

This year’s summit will centre on the concept of “Press Play,” which suggests that we could all use a little assistance in getting our music into the hands and ears of our fans. Featuring a full day of lecturers, including Steve Jaz (Music Valley), Lola Major (Kitchen Sync Music), Jena Marino (RSOM), Sidney (Emerging Artist), Chrissy McHugh (Video Producer), Francesca de Valance (I Heart Songwriting Club), and Kerri Ho (The Songbird Tree), to name a few of the over 25 guests, the focus will be on music distribution, sync and licencing, social media, and music promotion and marketing.

“There’s a lot of good stuff ahead for indie artists, but there’s also a lot of conflicting messages about what they should and should not do, so I’m excited to host a space to bring clarity and options to our attendees.” In this day and age of abundance — so many artists, so much music — it’s comforting to know that there are places where we can go to help sort out the spam and scams. I’m happy to be able to offer a summit that provides actual and meaningful advice and support!” Westwood, Kate

Anyone interested in attending the Indie Musician Summit must register for free and will get 48 hours of access to all speakers and artist displays.

Registrants will have the opportunity to purchase an all-access pass if they want to keep the content after the first 48 hours and gain access to supplementary courses.

Kate Westwood, Indie Musician Summit Founder and a Melbourne, Australia-based independent singer-songwriter in her own right, a radio announcer, and owner of the music management firm, Westwood Management, began her inspirational journey out of a yearning that there was more aid accessible for musicians. upcoming artists As a result, she declares, “I resolved to be the change I desired to see.”

Westwood Management, founded in 2018, works with a diverse range of artists from Australia and around the world in a variety of genres and music niches. Westwood Management provides accessible music management and coaching for emerging artists through free resources, paid training, and one-on-one coaching.

“We feel that there is room at the table for everyone, but that to be successful’ in this industry, you need to know how to manage the business aspect of your music in addition to being skilled or having a wonderful song.” And that you can’t do it alone; you must learn to ‘Do It With Others.’ and that is exactly why we are here.” Kate Westwood

“Confidence boosting, challenging. What I totally love is that I have the catch-up option. Honestly, it’s like an Aussie version of CD baby podcast. I love the higher-level content- it’s more than starter level. This has been a gift to me.” John Newsome (Australia)

“I gained some very useful insights and tips. I connected with another member who lives very close to me, so I’m very excited about working with her or sharing experiences.” Marianne Bel (Austria)

“Learned more about different aspects of the music industry, and better self care as a musician.” Nanlini Das (India)

Summit: Registration | Website | Instagram

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